How to Wake Up On Time, Every Single Time

There are a million and one reasons to spend time cultivating more discipline and emotion. With these skills, you’ll be able to work toward any goal or task. You’ll be able to work out, to apply for better jobs, to work harder on your relationship… Motivation is the fuel that powers everything else.

But motivation also has smaller, less obvious benefits too. For example, once you cultivate some seriously strong motivation chops, you’ll find that it can actually help you to start your day quicker!

That’s because most of us will hear our alarms, then simply roll over to turn them off or hit snooze. What if you could get up at 4am every day and start your productive day before anyone else was up?

This is what a large proportion of CEOs, and entrepreneurs claim to do.

First, we need to address why you have this problem in the first place. And the answer, is that our bodies and minds are still driven primarily by emotion. Decisions made are emotionally driven rather than intellectually so more often than not.

Moreover, our behavior is normally MOST dictated by the emotion that is most pressing and noticeable at any given time.

In this case? Being nice and snug in bed! And getting more sleep, so you can function and perform better.

Now you can try to reason with your brain as much as you like, but staying bed will always seem emotionally more appealing that heading outside for a cold workout.

So, what can we do? The answer is to recognize the workings of the brain, and to beat it at its own game. That means using emotion to pull ourselves out of bed. It also means making the thought of getting up much less daunting.

So we’re going to fight fire with fire. Take a bad habit that you most likely have (because most of us do) and use it to motivate yourself out of bed. I’m talking about your mobile phone. Net time your alarm goes off, don’t force yourself to get up and train. Instead, force yourself to sit up slightly and check your messages.

Most of us can’t wait to see what messages we have, and so THIS action is inherently interesting enough to ensure that we are able to override the intention to roll over and go back to sleep.


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